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This time period is a tough challenge for most of us. It is indeed a privilege if any individual can say that the pandemic has been smooth and full of zest. Some of us are really fortunate to be safe and feel healthy. To make this fight less of a challenge, we have put faith in our medical experts and scientists and have administered vaccines for our entire staff at Sentient Steps. Today, we have a solution that can help reduce the burden of disease and its severity as well; The solution is to vaccinate ourselves as early as possible.  By vaccinating ourselves...

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A Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) can refer to a diet, a meal or even a cake. It is basically a diet that is gaining widespread recognition in the scientific community and among conscious consumers. A WFPB diet plan includes a lot of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, moderate intake of nuts, seeds, avocados, soy (e.g., tofu) and wheat products, little or no added fats/oils (e.g., coconut, and palm fat/oil, olive oil), and most importantly the exclusion of all animal products.

At Sentient Steps, we have kept an open mind about what is better for our collective health and well-being. If you are keen, we invite you to try our WFPB products: 

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