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Animals in Spain awarded new legal status as ‘sentient beings’

Spain has recently passed a new animal welfare law that now no longer considers animals as objects but sentient beings and the Sentient Steps family couldn’t have been any more happier about this. 

This also means that animals would have a proper and greater legal protection system under the law. Both wild and domesticated animals are protected under the law, prominently domesticated animals. Even in the cases of separations and divorces, the animal’s overall well-being would have to be primarily addressed before separations. The law makes any kind of mistreatment or abandonment illegal in these cases.

Sentient Steps has always been a compassion-driven platform, we believe in kindness and benevolence to all living beings. Our initiative is to invite and cheer everyone to experience the possibilities, joys and benefits of a vegan, plant-based lifestyle has to offer! A lifestyle that doesn’t only bring peace and joy to you but also to all the sentient beings. That saves lives and cuts back the brutality that animals have to go through. We’re 100% committed to cruelty-free, vegan, plant-based and healthy life for all sentient beings.

We’re beyond delighted that the Spain government has decided to take sentient steps and hope it inspires you to take one as well, for which, we’ve got your back! Find delicious delectables from our wide range of vegan, yummy and 100% cruelty-free plant-based selection. 

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