Frequently Asked Questions

INTRODUCTION: Plant based & Vegan

What is Vegan?

Sentient Steps is 100% vegan and plant based. It means that we do not use any product that is derived from animals; products include animal milk, butter, eggs, cream, gelatin, meat etc. Please see our list of ingredients

 Do you bake 100% organic and chemical free?

All flours, spices, oils and sweeteners that we use are organic. Other products such as chocolates, nuts, seeds, mylks are sourced organic as far as possible.

We do not use the stabilizers and additives to increase the shelf life of our products. We also try to minimize the added chemicals in food by sourcing organic raw material as possible. In addition, we prefer to use fresh products over the store brought ones as possible. For example, in our products, we use hand made fresh coconut or almond milk and not the packaged ones.

For baking, we use: Aluminium free baking soda and baking powder, Organic ACV, Xantham gum for some gluten free products and Agar agar.



What is special about your products?

Our products are free from all animal derived ingredients – and that includes dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin and carmine.

Organic-Sugar free-Vegan-Gluten free-Cakes-Navi Mumbai

Are your desserts gluten-free?

We use 100% organic wheat as the base for cakes. Our WFPB cakes are without wheat and we make a range of products gluten free on request. Please check our Gluten Free Range!

What kind of sweetener do you use?

Use of sweetener depends on the product and your preferences. We have refined sugar free options in most of our Cakes and Brownies. We use a variety of refined sugar free options such as coconut sugar, stevia, dates, raw sugar and khandsari.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Since we bake everything fresh, it’s best to consume them within two days, some items have a longer shelf life. Please refer to the Storage and Handling section. 


Do you delivery outside Navi Mumbai?

We, currently, deliver within Navi Mumbai.

How can I avail your products if I am outside Navi Mumbai?

Here are some of the options:

  1. Self pick-up – Our pick-up store is located in Kharghar. It's a conveniently located between Mumbai and Pune.
  2. Radio cabs – You can book a radio cab such as Ola or Uber from our outlet to your location. We shall package the product safely, send you the picture and dispatch. It is the next best option to self pick-up & ensures that your order reaches you safely. 


How soon should I order?

We offer same day pick-up/delivery of orders when they are placed before 11 AM.

Please book once you are sure of your occasion, to allow us sufficient time to prepare for and process your order. Please check our website for current availability of dates. 


How can I pay?

Payments can be made during checkout via UPI, Netbanking, Wallets and Credit/Debit cards. International payments can be made by PayPal. We do not accept COD, as all our products are made to order.