Sentient Steps

Plant Based Eating & Sustainable Living

We believe in our Indian ancient knowledgebase and our body’s ability of homeostasis.

We understand with experience and from our ancient texts that food can be our medicine and our bodies long for harmony in consumption of fresh and natural food products. Β Sentient Steps is a medium to inspire a positive change and health focused living.

In addition, is it not the need of this hour – need of 2020 to be specific – to re-evaluate our food choices?

Why choose Sentient Steps:

Because we have dedicated ourselves to bringing health and wellbeing to every being - with our sentient steps.

We would like the four pillars of health and happiness to be available to everyone to experience –

  • Aahar (what and how we eat)
  • Vihaar (How we pick our rest/recreation time)
  • Aachaar (our conduct with the outside world)
  • Vichaar ( our thoughts and goals)

We have already begun with Aahar. We have a small close-knit, happy team that creates cruelty free, happy, healthy and fresh products and customize them to your needs as possible.

What customers say

We hope these experiences help you understand our products, approach and vision better; which can enable you to be a part of Sentient Steps family.

  • Let's preserve health

    All products are plant based, dairy free and vegan. White sugar, cholesterol and chemical free food is a possibility here.

    We have a heart for your heart.

  • Let's stay whole

    All our flours are not only 100% organic but also full of fiber and goodness of millets.

    Let's eat the real food that mother nature has grown for us

  • Let's eat fresh

    All products are baked fresh and delivered fresh so that they can be made without any preservatives

    Food has life, let's benefit from it.