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What other conscious eaters say

Some verified reviews and testimonials from people who have ordered our products

  • Let's preserve health

    All products are plant based, dairy free and vegan. White sugar, cholesterol and chemical free food is a possibility here.

    We have a heart for your heart.

  • Let's stay whole

    All our flours are not only 100% organic but also full of fiber and goodness of millets.

    Let's eat the real food that mother nature has grown for us

  • Let's eat fresh

    All products are baked fresh and delivered fresh so that they can be made without any preservatives

    Food has life, let's benefit from it.

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Cleaner, Sustainable, Healthier...Sentient Steps

Sentient Steps is a health and compassion driven platform, created to inspire humans to take conscious steps for mankind, animals and Mother Earth. We are 100% vegan, palm-oil free, maida-free bake house with a mix of whole flours (organic oats, millets, wheat) and using, wherever possible, organic ingredients.

We are guided by holistic knowledge about wellness, coming from our vedas & scriptures and stay consistent with the latest research and findings in health. We aspire to capture, present and build upon the same wisdom and create products for a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.

Maintaining the right balance between physical and spiritual health, and eating clean can empower us to achieve optimal overall health. Let's come together and build a world, good for humans, animals and the planet.Β 

Let’s take small Sentient Steps together.