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Customised Vegan Plant-based Cakes for Weddings

Are you a bride to be, or someone who knows a bride to be, who is searching for "the" bride to be cake? If yes, then this RAQ (Rarely Answered Questions) below is just for you. 

At Sentient Steps, you will find Cakes, Bakes, Hooman Treats, good things to eat, good stuff for the body, for health; all the needs will be satisfied with sweet things for your soul. Yes, you will also find some relief as we strive to provide you with some much anticipated answers too!

Answers to the innumerable questions you may be having, if you are planning a wedding and need a Vegan Cake! You plan, we deliver, that simple! 

So let us dive straight into the QnA. 

Question: Where do I buy my wedding cake from? 🤓

Answer: While our web-store, is filled with delights for the general occasions, you can place an order for your dream wedding cake directly by calling us at +91-8779150490

- And we will head straight to dream manifestation mode! 😇

Question: How do I get the cake design that is floating in my head? 

Answer: We have a unique ability, it’s part of the empathy skill set, we call it “LISTENING”. Rest assured, your idea will manifest just the way you are imagining it. 

Question: What if there is no design floating in my head? 🤯

Answer: We will hook you up with the best… (WAIT FOR IT)… designs! Nothing more, nothing less. Just what you need! 

Question: Will people love it, a Vegan Wedding Cake? 🥰

Answer: If they love you, they will love it too. In all seriousness, we aren’t over confident or anything, but with all our past experiences we can tell you one thing. We use the secret ingredient. You know that’s what people get to taste. Shh… “THE SECRET INGREDIENT IS LOVE!” No kidding, we take this part seriously. Like wedding vows, “A commitment is a commitment!”

Question: My oh my! Do you offer free relationship advice with every order? 🤭 

Answer: Nah! This one time it is a Sentient Steps Special. We strive harder when we know we are preparing cakes for a special occasion. Be it a birthday, promotion, date, tough day or a wedding day (Some have asked us if there is any difference! 🤣), we prepare the best cakes you need for the any kind of occasion you deem fit to celebrate! After this, if you need something else, just ask… 

We’re here and HEAR you too, remember? (Did you forget about our listening skills? Oh come on!!)

That’s it… all doubts solved! We thank you then, for the opportunity to bake you some fresh, healthy, plant-based, vegan delicious cakes, for you and your to-be-spouse! 

Until next-special-date-and-time! 💗


Author - Shrikanth Iyer, a lecturer at the Department of Multimedia and Mass Communication, Guru Nanak College, Mumbai. He is a budding clinical psychologist, a vegan, animal lover, who has a liking for research and non-fiction writing.

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