Our entire staff has taken their vaccines - Sentient Steps, Navi Mumbai

Our team has taken the first shot of COVID Vaccines

This time period is a tough challenge for most of us. It is indeed a privilege if any individual can say that the pandemic has been smooth and full of zest. Some of us are really fortunate to be safe and feel healthy. To make this fight less of a challenge, we have put faith in our medical experts and scientists and have administered vaccines for our entire staff at Sentient Steps. Today, we have a solution that can help reduce the burden of disease and its severity as well; The solution is to vaccinate ourselves as early as possible. 

By vaccinating ourselves we keep the community safe and prepare our bodies to be more resilient to the effects of the virus. It is also a moral responsibility for our team to look after ourselves, so that we can look after your needs. The one thing most people are afraid of is the transmission of this virus. We have taken precautions from DAY 1, to maintain high standards of personal hygiene and tweak our delivery processes to ensure your safety and the safety of our own staff. 

We hope that you are keeping well and hope that we all can get through this pandemic with better health and better life lessons. There are various scientific studies that have called out animal-agriculture, to be at the root of the world’s infectious diseases and pandemics that follow through. Honestly, apart from all these momentary precautions, a larger shift in our diets and habits is the solution we must contemplate moving towards. 

Stay tuned to our next blog where we break down the benefits of a plant-based diet in the war with Covid-19. 

Author: Shrikanth Iyer, a lecturer at the Department of Multimedia and Mass Communication, Guru Nanak College, Mumbai. He is a budding clinical psychologist, a vegan, animal lover, who has a liking for research and non-fiction writing.

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