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Refined sugar…And are we better without it?

At Sentient steps, we love cakes. All kinds. The kind that fuels our bodies and the kind that celebrates holidays and birthdays, When we think of cakes, we invariably think about butter, refined flour and fan favourite sugar!  However, we are continuously experimenting with ways to avoid these ingredients and transition to more natural and healthier alternatives. We have done away with refined flour and butter already, and now we have also switched to healthier sweeteners.

Refined sugar is a sweetener, typically extracted from sugarcane or any other plant with naturally occurring sugar, that undergoes processing for refining, which includes washing, drying, cooling, and packaging to convert them into crystals. The most common form is the table sugar that has made its way onto our kitchen shelves, a pantry staple that's been used for generations. 

But it comes from plants, so why shouldn't we consume them? Thanks to all the processing, the natural sugar is stripped off of all its vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other beneficial compounds. While it adds taste to our everyday food items, our body does not derive any nutrition from refined sugar. Instead, since it gets digested quickly, our body craves more of it.

A survey conducted by CDC in 2005-06, called National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey showed that white, refined sugar is addictive and has been linked to serious conditions, including obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and more. In fact, the WHO recommends the consumption of not more than 6 tablespoons (25 grams) of sugar every day. 

So what are those of us with a sweet tooth supposed to do? Forgo all treats and have just watermelon for dessert? Watermelon is a good option, but there are more too! Our plant-based kitchen has got your back! We believe there are many natural sweeteners that we can use instead which are more nutritious and sustainable than their white sugar counterparts. 

We don’t use refined sugar in any of the cake bases. 100% of the cake bases are made with Muscovado or Khandsari. We also offer options to pick Stevia or Jaggery if you prefer. These sweeteners not only bring the desired sweetness but also offer natural minerals and vitamins. In addition, we go even a step further and prepare our WFPB cakes with dates and raisins as sweeteners.

Let's try to practice moderation, prefer natural alternatives when possible and take sentient steps towards health and sustainability.

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