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“A vegan or plant-based diet cannot prevent a person from developing COVID-19, but it may help support a healthy immune system. Plant-based diets can also decrease a person’s risk of obesity and chronic diseases. These are conditions that tend to worsen the outcome of COVID-19.” - Medical News Today After a lot of denial, debates and skepticism, it is finally out in the open that going Vegan or following a strict plant-based diet is beneficial for your immune system. While turning Vegan is the choice of not consuming any animal products, be it for your wallet, bags, shoes, clothes etc.;...

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A Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) can refer to a diet, a meal or even a cake. It is basically a diet that is gaining widespread recognition in the scientific community and among conscious consumers. A WFPB diet plan includes a lot of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, moderate intake of nuts, seeds, avocados, soy (e.g., tofu) and wheat products, little or no added fats/oils (e.g., coconut, and palm fat/oil, olive oil), and most importantly the exclusion of all animal products.

At Sentient Steps, we have kept an open mind about what is better for our collective health and well-being. If you are keen, we invite you to try our WFPB products: 

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