Vegan Cakes Delivery in Mumbai

Thank you for considering ordering from Sentient Steps. 

We deliver with our fleet within Navi Mumbai and ship daily to Mumbai. 

There are two ways to do this, you may book yourself or ask our assistance:


Step 1:

You can book your desired product on our website and set a date and slot for 'pick-up'.



Step 2:

1. You may order your product for 'pick-up' and get that picked up via two or four-wheeler service provider of your choice.

2. You may ask us to book on your behalf and we shall gladly do that. We shall share tracking and bill with you, you may directly coordinate with delivery vehicle.



Additional Links:

Delivery via two wheelers:

  • Uber:
  • Borzo:
  • Porter:
  • Swiggy Genie:

Delivery via four wheelers:


Please Note:

We are facilitating the delivery for you - to locations outside our own delivery radius, via third party services.

We take responsibility of handing over the products safely and requesting the rider for safe transit.

Please note that we are unable to assume responsibility of handling and delivery by third party riders. Kindly connect with them directly for delivery timelines and charges.

What customers say

We hope these experiences help you understand our products, approach and vision better; which can enable you to be a part of Sentient Steps family.

  • Let's preserve health

    All products are plant based, dairy free and vegan. White sugar, cholesterol and chemical free food is a possibility here.

    We have a heart for your heart.

  • Let's stay whole

    All our flours are not only 100% organic but also full of fiber and goodness of millets.

    Let's eat the real food that mother nature has grown for us

  • Let's eat fresh

    All products are baked fresh and delivered fresh so that they can be made without any preservatives

    Food has life, let's benefit from it.