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Being Vegan in the Christmas Month

Being vegan during Christmas and the festive season worry some more than the people who are vegan themselves. Some people might take special efforts to remind you about certain things that you haven’t thought of like being deprived of the food and hence the happiness that comes with it and/or feeling limited to certain choices and not being able to enjoy wholeheartedly or even not being able to ‘fully’ celebrate, enjoy, savor or appreciate the festivities or worst-case scenario even being at risk of getting malnourished.

When celebrations get heavily centered around food, indulging and some or the other form of exploiting, especially major festive seasons like Diwali, Christmas, and Thanksgiving just to name some, we often tend to forget the heart of the matter which ultimately boils down to feeling happy, spending time with loved ones, and creating memories. Now all this can be felt without eating food that is obtained through hurting a living thing, eating till you’re bloated and uncomfortable till the next morning, overindulging, etc. These are the things that bring us the pleasure momentarily. What if instead, we found ways to make the peace and feelings of happiness last longer, to multiply and share it with others as well. What if instead of waiting around for Santa, you became one? 

At this point, we could give you a list of Vegan holiday treats and recipes but happiness doesn’t have to come from food and food itself, the kind that will last a couple of hours! We instead want to suggest ways to celebrate wholeheartedly by caring and sharing and the happiness that comes from this will last you a long time! How about indulging in self-care instead. Self-care in the form of looking after and meeting your body’s needs by satiating it with healthy desserts, peaceful morning routines. Or if you feel like sharing the happiness, it could come to you by giving back to the community in any possible form that is comfortable for you and within your reach.

And while Sentient Steps intends to do the same in a long run, we’re getting started with cakes and a bunch of vegan, cruelty-free treats that are healthy for both your body and mind!  Plant based Christmas cake is already made available for pre-booking. 


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